Cloud Spectator – an American qualified agency – has recently published its Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers. The Cloud that hosts IdSurvey takes 1st place in Europe and 2nd place in North America, ahead of the main US players. A result that legitimize a Cloud model that always put performance and competitiveness first.
Cloud Spectator is an American firm based in Boston specialized in comparative studies of Cloud providers. It has recently published its annual Top 10 of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). A score (CloudSpecs Value Score) was assigned to each provider analyzing CPU performance and stability, block-level storage and memory for four sizes of virtual servers so that they could really measure the real value of the instance for the user.
With its top ranking in European and North America chart, the Cloud that hosts IdSurvey overtop big names as Rackspace, Google, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean e AWS. This result is mainly due to the business model of our Cloud provider that combines technological innovations such as liquid cooling of servers with a vertically integrated business that allows OVH to command the whole value chain, from datacentre design to server assembly and support.

Cloud is not always the same!

Cloud Spectator aspires to bring more transparency in Cloud market to guide companies in choosing their IaaS provider. The results show “strong discrepancies between the various players in terms of pricing, performance and stability,” as noted by Kenny Li (Cloud Spectator CEO). For this reason Cloud Spectator invites users not to only take in consideration the unit price but also the performance, that affects the provisioning of the infrastructure and its overall cost, which can quickly escalate.
The great result of IdSurvey’s Cloud provider is the natural consequence of a substantial difference in the very design of its Public Cloud and its instances of high availability (HA). The user has access to 100% of the resources for the entire time, whereas other providers have a very different logic.
“The best-known players,” says Pierre Ourdouillé, Public Cloud lead tech, “want to draw as much profit as possible from their infrastructures and assume that people never use 100% of their resources. So, they end up selling more resources than the physical servers hosting their virtual machines can provide. Result: 80% of the time, users do not have access to all the resources they pay for. Sometimes they have access to 90%, but sometimes it is a lot less than that. This is where it gets annoying. It is what we call the “noisy neighbour effect”. It is all legal but it is better to be aware of it before committing. And this is what the Cloud Spectator benchmark report is trying to highlight.”

See it for yourself!

As Cloud Spectator says, the absence of standard benchmarks and the number of variables to consider make it difficult to compare cloud services between providers.
You also have to keep in mind that performance varies according to configuration of the service, the chosen options and the kind of workload being considered.
Cloud Spectator benchmark is highly qualified and offers a loyal view on the offers but we suggest to test our infrastructures anyway to get a better idea of the real performances of our Public Cloud.
Tests made by Cloud Spectator were carried out on machines hosted in Strasbourg in eastern France. IdSurvey’s Cloud provider offer is available in several OVH datacentres in Gravelines (northern France) and Beauharnois (near Montreal, for North America). It will soon be available in datacentres located in Poland, Singapore and Sydney, Australia, as well as other new geographical areas. This could increase the performance of your infrastructure, bringing it closer to your users to reduce latency.


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