CATI Telephone Interface Overview

The telephone interface provides intuitive tools to administer questionnaires. You can customize the interface according to project parameters.

IdSurvey CATI software module has such a simple and easy interface that your interviewers can start collecting data with no need of a specific training. As any other part of IdSurvey the telephone interface is also web based. So you just use a common browser. There’s no need of extra configuration or software.

Interviewers can easily manage standard and reserved appointments. You can add notes that will be displayed right before the call. 
The administrator can set rules on calls or re-assign appointments.

Click to dial and predictive dialing

With Click to Dial you can quickly call respondents with one click. In fact, there’s no need to manually dial the number. Using IdTalk, you can also activate Predictive Dialing eliminating time interviewers spend to search for available contacts and duplicating their productivity. IdTalk autonomously makes phone calls and transfers them to the first available interviewer.

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