With a CAWI survey, you can easily gather data using a versatile and responsive tool

If you need to conduct a research survey, whether for an academic project or for gathering data about your clients, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose the methodology. A versatile and responsive way to conduct your interviews is by using a CAWI survey. CAWI, or computer-assisted web interviewing, is easy to set up and use. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

What is a CAWI survey?

As the name denotes, a CAWI survey is conducted online, using a web-based tool such as IdSurvey software. Users gain access to the survey via a link that you provide through an email invitation or at a webpage.

There are a few characteristics that make this type of survey unique:

  • Reach a vast number of respondents simultaneously.
  • Create a custom link for each respondent or collect anonymous responses.
  • Include images, video, audio and file attachments with your survey.
  • Customize the look and feel of your survey for users using CSS styles.
  • Combine your CAWI survey with other methodologies, such as CATI and CAPI, using IdSurvey.

What makes IdSurvey software different?

Not all CAWI survey tools are created alike. IdSurvey allows you an exceptional level of both ease of use as well as advanced features, so it is suitable for academic and university researchers and business or consumer research. It’s easy to manage your surveys with IdSurvey using features such as the integrated email sender and the Smart Campaigns feature to automatically optimize survey quota completion. You’ll also have a prompt technical assistance in case you run into any issues that you need help with.

Getting started

The process of creating a CAWI survey involves creating the questions and the design interface your users will see as they complete the questionnaire online. You can select a pre-designed theme or incorporate your own logo. The layout will adapt to the user’s screen, whether it’s a smartphone, a computer monitor, or a tablet. You can choose different types of question formats, such as drag and drop, slider, rating, or grid.

The IdSurvey CAWI software leads you through the process so you can create a top-notch questionnaire that gets you the data you need. Creating a CAWI survey is an excellent way to get actionable information quickly and efficiently from your target respondents.

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